Poker Run 2020



We would like to try a Naper Aero Club Aviation Poker Run this year.  If you haven’t participated in one of these, they are great fun and a great way to break the COVID “blues”.  If this turns out well perhaps, we can turn this into an annual NAC event!

Details are given in the attached flyer.  In addition, we would like to make a few important points:

1.      We don’t know what the response will be.  If there is minimal interest, we will cancel the event.  Hence, the RSVP/Pre-Registration request by July 31st.  If you are interested, please make it a point to respond in accordance with the instructions in the flyer.

2.      All communications – including updates, cancellation, postponement, etc., will be by email only so, again, please be sure to register as requested or we will not be able to communicate with you.

3.      Even under the best of circumstances, we wouldn’t expect any more than 20 or 25 participants.  As the venue will be held outdoors, we believe we can easily accomplish this while maintaining good social distancing practices.   Nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable with this you may want to consider forgoing this event.

4.      This is NOT a race.  The routing totals 88 NM and you will have a 3-1/2 hour time envelope to complete the circuit.   Plenty of time even for the slowest of airplanes.

5.      If you taxi your airplane to the clubhouse area for the briefing we recommend that you park your airplane in the tiedown spots to the north of the clubhouse.

We would like to reiterate that in order to participate in the event, all pilots must attend the pre-flight briefing.  Details on the airports we will be using, special FBO instructions, routing, card collection process, weather, etc., will be covered.


If you have any questions, please let me know.  We look forward to seeing you…thanks!


Mike Pastore, President

Naper Aero Board of Directors

(630) 606-3692


Click here for Flyer Details